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As cyber threats continue to grow, small businesses and large enterprises alike are looking for affordable, effective ways to protect themselves from the craziness of the internet. With our background in network security and application security, we’d like to offer you our skills to make sure that your business is secure.

What We Offer

Network Security

Whether it's a wired or wireless network, we will design and configure a Custom Security Plan to protect your Network from outside threats. Our security specialists will also provide ongoing network support to ensure that your system is maintained and updated.

Application Security

Maintain your application security. Identify, fix and prevent security issues. Whether your requirements are validating security-related specifications, implementing secure coding strategies or auditing source code for vulnerabilities, we are experts at finding and fixing bugs in real time.

End-point protection

With the threat of viruses, Trojan horses and botnets always present, it is vital to keep your computers as safe as possible. That's why we offer endpoint security, so you can keep track of who uses your computers. In addition to pre-deployment risk assessment, we also offer active monitoring and management of network activity, which also includes backup files and file integrity checks.

Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery is a full-service, one stop solution for your Backup or Recovery needs. Our master technicians will ensure that your data is always in tact and you are back up and running as quickly as possible. If you need Backup or Recovery for your computer, smartphones, game consoles, tablet computers, or any other device, we can help.
No matter what your Cyber needs - emerging technology support, a security assessment or cyber essentials - our team can help you navigate the ever changing landscape of Cyber.

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